London Philharmonic: Carnival of the Animals

The Carnival Of The Animals was written by Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns but was kept under wraps, a stipulation by the composer, until after his death.... Read more

No Bird Sing: Theft of the Commons

Poetry, political and socio political statement, and rock sums up No Bird Sing. At first glance the album, to me, felt like three great artists that, alone, are fantastic, but it did take me a few rounds to get used to the combination of all three together.... Read more

Ted Jacobs: Back To the Garden

Ted Jacobs' second volume to his Robert Louis Stevenson collection “Back To The Garden” has arrived, and even though I missed the first volume I have to say that if it’s anything like volume two, it’s a must own.... Read more

Ten Cent Poetry: Picking Through the Pawn Shop

I guarantee you that I’m not in the target audience for an album like this. Female folk/pop/indie music? Not what I’m listening to on a regular basis. However, I have to admit that this is a pretty solid record.... Read more

E.G. Bailey: American Afrikan

This may be the first album I’ve covered for Shakefire where I feel intrinsically incapable of giving it a fair review. E.G. Bailey is a hip-hop/spoken word artist who’s originally from Liberia.... Read more