Capital Cities: Capital Cities EP

I feel like I always need to start reviews of this nature with a disclaimer. You see, on the list of basic music genres, pop and dance tunes rank near the bottom in my personal tastes. They trump polka, but that's about it. Well and possibly modern pop country.... Read more

Capital Cities

  Capital Cities' dual frontmen Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian--jingle writers who first met on Craigslist--released their debut EP in 2011. Lead single "Safe and Sound" shot to #2 on Hype Machine, #1 on CMJ's A&R chart and #1 on South American radio.... Read more

Cat Doorman: Songbook

It’s not uncommon to find musicians who live a double life as both music makers for adults as well as children.... Read more

Air Review: Low Wishes

One of the most refreshing things about music is discovering a band that breaks through the normal boundaries that we naturally build up for ourselves. It's easy to get stuck in a rut, get sucked into a genre, or simply not pay attention to new things on the horizon.... Read more

Art Decade: Western Sunrise

It never helps when a press release for your band boasts you as the next biggest thing, but in some cases it’s true. For the Boston based Art Decade their album Western Sunrise truly embodies the praise the album is receiving.... Read more

Share: The Best Foot Forward Children's Music Series From Recess Music

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several compilation albums from The Best Foot Forward Series and they’ve all been fantastic. Share, their latest installment in the series, is yet another successful gathering of some great songs for kids themed around a compassionate array of moral notes.... Read more