Lou Lou White: Soulless, Selfish, Nasty Woman

Lou Lou White is a French singer who has made the move from France to make her home here in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.... Read more

Flyleaf: New Horizons

 Flyleaf will release their third studio album at the end of this month but with the bittersweet news that this will be the last album featuring singer Lacey Sturm . Sturm will depart from the band as they begin touring for their latest release, New Horizons.... Read more

Charity & The JAMband: Family Values

As the name of the band confirms, Charity & the Jam Band is a band that jams…and is fronted by a singer named Charity. Aside from that the albums title can be left it interpretation, after all, not everyone on the planet has the same family values, or even value for life, as others do.... Read more

Reel Big Fish: Candy Coated Fury

When I was a kid I loved Ska. I still have a ton of albums from bands no longer in existence, but remain to this day to be the end all of bands in the genre for me.... Read more

White Violet: Hiding, Mingling

White Violet plays a mostly quiet and contemplative form of rock, with indie flourishes. Aspects of their style remind me a bit of the calmer side of 80's pop rock. Subdued, with a solid emphasis on synths and effects-heavy guitars. It's contemplative in parts, but also catchy.... Read more