Victorian Halls: Charlatan

You can tell a lot about a band based on its bio. Now I know, I know…bios (and other press release materials) are usually not written by the bands themselves. But there’s only so much BS that can be contained within each bio.... Read more

Blink 182: Neighborhoods (Deluxe Edition)

Its been a loooong time since I last visited Blink 182. Matter of fact Enema of the State (1999) may have been the last album I ever heard from the band. For a guy who likes their punk more intellectually stimulating then body humor I just couldn’t get into them.... Read more

So Many Ways: So Many Ways

Apparently So Many Ways is a band that just can’t seem to keep their line up together. After having swapped out quite a few band members, each time seemingly resulting in a quick tour and a recording of new material, the process seems to have repeated on their self titled EP. ... Read more

Candy Hearts: Everything's Amazing & Nobody's Happy

The first thing that you’ll notice about Candy Hearts is that the bands lead singer isn’t going to completely wow you vocally. Right as soon as the first track opened up I cringed a little even. It’s not that it’s completely terrible but it’s a voice you have to be prepared for.... Read more

Drive A: The World In Shambles

The Good:  These guys do the old school punk sound pretty well. The songs are punchy, the attitudes are snotty, and there’s a decent amount of raging against the machine going on. ... Read more