Mos Generator: Nomads

Other then the band coming off a long hiatus I knew zilch about Hard Rock/Metal act Mos Generator. I uploaded their album onto my Ipod and hopped in the car and headed out for a drive. Windows rolled up, air conditioner on, not a care in the world.... Read more

Rescuer: With Time Comes The Comfort

My first go round with the debut of Rescuer on Rise Records I had almost written the band off as just another screaming voice in the swell of Hardcore bands out there.... Read more

Vinnie Caruana: City By The Sea

I’m such a sucker for acoustic music and even more so for the Folk Punk genre so Vinnie Caruana’s solo release was a definite win for me with it’s acoustic guitar core, Vinnie’s rough seasoned vocals, and all the ambiance of background music. ... Read more

The Bronx: IV

Typical hardcore punk bands usually don't venture away from their comfort zone, create an alter ego, and release a couple of authentic mariachi albums.  The Bronx isn't your typical hardcore punk band.  After a several year hiatus from rock where they performed as Mariachi El Bronx, The Bronx ret... Read more

Art Decade: Western Sunrise

It never helps when a press release for your band boasts you as the next biggest thing, but in some cases it’s true. For the Boston based Art Decade their album Western Sunrise truly embodies the praise the album is receiving.... Read more