The Not-It's!: KidQuake!

Not-It’s! latest release, Kidquake!, is a collection of 11 tracks that younger kids will enjoy. The band has songs about skateboarding, getting along at school, being part of a busy family, and not coming in first place (and that’s not bad).... Read more

Dave Kilminster: Scarlet: Director's Cut

Dave Kilminster is not a  musician I’m familiar with. That being said I jumped onto the old internet and did a quick bit of research turning up some interesting information about the guy. Information so awesome I was afraid that it would cause me to be somewhat biased towards the album.... Read more

Atkins May Project: Valley of Shadows

 The latest release from the band Atkins May Project is my first experience with the band so of course research went into who they are and where they came from. For those not in the know, here is the 411. For those that already know, bear with me.... Read more

Jambo: Hootenanny

The latest release from family friendly artist Jambo offers up more goodies in blues, ragtime, and singer/songwriter style that is sure to find favor with just about any type of music listener.... Read more

Steve Songs: Orangutan Van

This year has been pretty eventful for children’s music. I think I’ve nominated at least two dozen kids albums as being the best of the year and I’m still coming across some great albums that keep blowing my mind.... Read more