Big Bang Boom!: Because I Said So!

Big Bang Boom is a pop rock act from Greensboro that features Chuck Folds (brother of Ben Folds), Steve Williard and Eddie Walker.... Read more

Ballyhoo!: Daydreams

Let's get this disclaimer out of the way: I've never been a big fan of reggae. Actually, I better rephrase that: I'm currently not a big fan of reggae. I get that there's a whole cultural vibe that goes along with the reggae scene, but it's never appealed to me.... Read more

Ben Rudnick and Friends: Love Is A Super Power

One of the biggest problems with being a long time music and movie critic is that if you’ve been doing it long enough you’ll feel that you’ve heard everything. It’s not quite fair to the newcomers but it’s also high praise when they manage to pull off a thumbs up.... Read more

Hullabaloo: Raise A Ruckus

Hullabaloo is yet another band that performs kids music and as usual I am pleasantly impressed.... Read more

The Drowning Men: All Of The Unknown

There’s nothing finer then a musician that plays simply because they love to do it regardless of anything else. The Drowning Men consists of such musicians who are creators first and career musicians second.... Read more