Taylor Momsen

Birth Name: 
Taylor Michel Momsen
Monday, July 26, 1993
Birth Place: 
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
5' 9"

Taylor Michel Momsen was born on July 26th, 1993 in St Louis, Missouri to parents Michael and Colette Momsen. She began her acting career at age 3 with a national commercial for Shake-N-Bake. She first landed the role of Honey Bee Swan in The Prophet's Game (1999). Her first big role was as Cindy Lou Who in 'Jim Carrey''s How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000). After that, Taylor landed the role of Julie Moore in We Were Soldiers (2002) which also starred her younger sister, Sloane Momsen. After landing roles in movies such as _Hansel & Gretel (2002)_Spy Kids II,, Saving Shiloh (2005), Doubting Thomas (2005), she will soon be seen in a new series for WB, "Misconceptions" (2006) in which she has a lead role.


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